Robert Frost

seem to have taking a liking to a few of his quotes

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

What we live by we die by

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.



The boy illinois has got serious spins this even though Jay-z blueprint 3 dropped

1. Breathe Again (Prod. oFluo)
2. Loyalty Before The Love ft. 3Tre (Prod. Baron Boys)
3. Don’t Know About Us ft. Spot (Prod. Baron Boys)
4. We Outside ft. Swaggy B & Billz (Prod. Baron Boys)
5. Take It Off (Prod. Hero George)
6. AmbitiontobefamouS (Prod. Noah “40” Shebib)
7. Chicago White Sox ft. G.o.D. Jewels (Prod. Baron Boys)
8. Front Porch ft. YP (Prod. Hero George)
9. My College Chick (Prod. Hero George)
10. Respect (Prod. Plan)
11. James Dean (Prod. Half Amazin’)
12. A LiL BiT OFF (Prod. Baron Boys)
13. Tomorrow May Not Come (Prod. Time)
14. T.O.S. (Prod. Hero George)
15. Until We Meet Again (Prod. Chuck Heat)
16. Bye Bye Lil Lady (Prod. Time)


why music was started here

I had a sudden urge to post music from underground and up and coming acts.. i really like music so it begins…

the current act producer that actually inspired the current side of this blog to promote underground acts is The Surf Kid

New Surf Club music from Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe called “Ahh Sh!t” produced by Rey Reel


Hello world!

Underwood.First name Tyrus. Hoop/lift/school…Palm Pre is the newest toy….and between rants and music ….

Enjoy yourself here